A bus journey from Singapore to Shah Alam for holiday destination

Shah Alam is a planned city located in the popular district of Selangor.  It is also one of the largest city that you will find in the Klang valley.  The place is said to have a good mix of industrial factories, recreational parks, restaurants and shopping malls.  These hotspots have made Shah Alam quite a versatile holiday destination. Singapore and Shah Alam are just 362 kms away from each other and a typical bus journey takes about 4 to 5 hours. However, this is also subject to what route you take, weather as well as traffic conditions. My personal preference has always been to travel during the night to avoid traffic and other hassles.There are several pick up points within Singapore from where you can board a bus to Shah Alam. Most of the bus operators prefer to start their journey to Shah Alam from the Plaza Beach Road. The pick up point is strategically located at a luxurious shopping mall called the Plaza.   I had a nice time shopping at this mall before I set out on my journey. The mall had some of the best brands of clothing at quite reasonable prices. The best part is that from whatever hotel or lodging you are staying at you can board an intra city bus for the Plaza mall. I literally spent less than SGD40 for my entire journey from my hotel to Shah Alam. The intra city bus just cost me SGD3.

Another famous pick up point located on French Road is known as the Kitchener Complex. You can easily reach Kitchener by boarding an MRT directly which will drop you off at Lavendar Station on the east west line or alternatively board an intra city bus. However, this route may take a littel longer. I recommend you to start your bus journey from Hotel Plaza instead.  Never had I thought that travelling by Bus would be so convenient. I booked my tickets through redbus  which allowed me to select from a wide range of Bus operators and buses.

There are several bus drop off points within Shah Alam itself and the Bus Operators mostly prefer to drop off their passengers at Terminal Bas Ekspres Sementara Seksyen 13.  This drop off point is situated in  Seksyen 13,  Shah Alam. This point is basically just outside the popular Shah Alam football stadium and also quite opposite to TESCO extra hyper market. Owing to its convenient location the Terminal can be reached by several means of public transportation in Shah Alam. While planning my journey I found out that there are only 2 bus operators plying on the route between Singapore and Shah Alam which were Billion Star Express and Star Mart Express. The buses were fully airconditioned and had comfortable reclining seats not to forget the ample amount of leg space. Apart from the basic features each of the screens had entertainment screens fully loaded with movies and snooze features. This made my journey truly a memorable experience andhardly did I get bored during my 5 hours of travelling.

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