A bus ride to some of the best destinations in Singapore for shopping

Enter Singapore and you will feel like the gates of shopping paradise have opened up for you. Too many things to buy and so little time? Here’s a handy shopping guide to refer to.




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Electronics: They make it to the top of any shopper’s must-buy list in Singapore. Some tourists even take home large LCD TVs and desktop computers along with them. Peninsula Plaza should be your go-to place for all things gadgets and electronics.




Curios and collectibles: Here’s what you should fill your luggage with on your way back home from Singapore: statues, wall décor, wooden décor, paper kites and parasols are in abundance here.




Apparel and accessories: The shopping streets of Singapore are your best bet for all things fashion. Orchard Road is the first stop for fashionistas from across the globe to take home branded items at a much cheaper rate. The other places to go to include Bugis Street, The Shoppes and all the malls that are scattered across Singapore’s landscape.




What can you buy in Mustafa? The real question is what you can’t. Spices shipped in from all over the globe, gold-colored jewelry lined up like museum artifacts, electronic gadgets, luggage and homeware are stocked in this infamous Little India-based superstore. The prices are cheap and Mustafa is open all hours of the day. The surrounding streets of Little India also contain countless shops selling jewelry.




Jewelry: The biggest street shopping area in Singapore, Bugis Street Market is made up of an eccentric patchwork of stalls. Three floors house almost 800 shops, where you can find rows of bargain jewelry, clothes and shoes lined up in stall after stall. Shop for small knick-knacks to your heart’s content and then stop off for a freshly squeezed juice at one of the drinks stalls here – try a cup of tangy lime juice to rejuvenate after all your rummaging.




Street Shopping: If you are looking forward to buy some of the best products at affordable prices there is no better option than street shopping. With the Chinese forming over 75 percent of the population China Town is one of the most prominent landmarks here. The best time to visit China Town is during the Lunar New Year which is generally during the months of January or February. You can indulge into some boutique shopping here. The shops sell products that are completely unique. There are plenty of clothing stores here as well which sell local brands at reasonable prices. Tailored shirts and shits are the highlights here with a huge variety.




Books: If you are a book lover you can shop for books at ‘Books actually’ in China Town. They have a wide variety of titles and also sell some of their own books. From Fiction to history,poetry and kids books, they have everything here. You can literally spend hours without getting bored.


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