A bus to Little India from Singapore Night Safari for adventure

A bus to Little India from Singapore Night Safari




Instead of splurging your money in a bar or in a night club hop into one of the most exciting night life destinations of Singapore and walk around a different species of animals which are definitely not the human kind. As the sun sets the night safari opens its doors to the visitors and an experience of a whole new level. Established in 1994, and situated right beside the Singapore Zoo it is more of a park that features wild life animals than an actual Safari. Naturally you might take some time to get your eyes acquainted to the darkness here but when you eventually do so you will be welcomed by three thousand different animals that live here.




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Spanning across 35 hectares of plush green landscape the park is also home to harmless animals like Deer. However, wild animals like the leopard are strictly kept behind barriers keeping the safety of tourists in mind. For those of you who feel lazy to take a stroll the park has also organised a tram ride which roughly lasts for 40 minutes with continuous commentary playing in the background. While on the tram you will come across eight different zones starting from the equatorial landscape of Africa to the foothills of the Himalayas. I personally recommend you to explore the park walking as you will come across more animals compared to when you take a tram ride. If you like staying until late in the night and are truly a night owl the Singapore Park is the right place for you. But let me tell you that the night life park offers an experience that is definitely worth staying awake for!!! You can hop on to bus nos. 927 and 138 on week days and during weekends you will have to take the bus no. 926.




Little India




Little India is full of energy and one of the most iconic places of Singapore. The Indian community in Singapore display their ethnic culture in the numerous stalls here and extend an unforgettable shopping experience to you. The Little India that once upon a time had a racecourse is now full of stalls cramped one beside the other. The temples in Little India are a mix of Hindu, Chinese temples, Churches and Mosques. If you have a craving for Indian food, you have come to the right place. From Tanduri dishes to rotis you can relish on sumptuous Indian food here. If touring Singapore is not leaving you sufficient time to shop around head to Mustafa Center which is a shopping mall open for 24 hours that offers everything from groceries to electronics. The best place to visit Little India is October to November when Deepavali festivals are celebrated and items pertaining to this festival are sold. To reach little India you can get onto any of the following bus numbers –


23, 48, 56, 57, 64, 65, 66.

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