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Capital of U.A.E, Abu Dhabi is home to some of the world known for rapid development and urbanisation along with some spectacular works of art. Initially being a small fishing village Abu Dhabi has turned into a bustling city and plays an important role as a business and administrative centre. Abu Dhabi is second largest Emirate of United Arab Emirates. City has many attractions dispersed all over the city. Having a car rental for exploring it is best means. Rental cars are easily available and can be booked with car4hires. Abu Dhabi is home to fascinating attractions both from the past and modern world. Major ones are enlisted below. 



This majestic structure clad into Macedonian marble is absolutely a gem of Abu Dhabi. It is one of the largest Mosques of the world offering magnificent views of its marvellous Islamic architecture. This grand Mosque consists of 82 domes created of thousands of tons of Macedonian marble. Intricate Cravings gives a fascinating effects to both interiors and exteriors making a visit to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque a unique experience to remember for a lifetime. 



This Ferrari inspired theme park is perfect for experiencing Formula one racing thrill  for all. It is first Ferrari branded theme park in the world. World’s fastest rollercoaster Flying Aces and Formula Rossa are biggest attraction of this park. There are many other thrilling rides and many authentic Italian eating spots offering great experience available here. 



One of the most luxurious and expensive hotels of Abu Dhabi, The Emirates Palace is an experience of its kind. It also serves as a cultural hub to the city. Palace is a magnificent structure with amazingly beautiful interiors hosts the incomparable lavish experience. 



This fort also called Old Fort or White Fort is known to be an oldest building in Abu Dhabi. At present Fort serves as a museum and displays magnificent traces of history in form of photographs, works of art, structures and in many more forms. Building of this fort dates back to 1761. 



It is a veterinary hospital serving injured and ill falcons. Hospital also features museum displaying history of falcons and even guided tours are on offer for interested visitors. It is known as world’s largest and most advanced falcon hospital. 

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