Acropolis Museum, Athens for Ancient Tressure

Still at the same hotel. My next destination is not hundreds or thousands mile away. So I did n’t change my hotel. Divani Palace Acropolis is very attractive hotels for your luxury stay and comfort. Their service is super fresh, and they are first class at their quality for being the largest hotels in Athens.

I wanted to travel both Athens Acropolis and Acropolis Museum in the same day. But walking a long way I become drained from my last journey and that’s why I am visiting it now I mean today.’

The main attraction of this place is the ancient treasure and so many ancient arts and statue. It gives me an ample opportunity to see all of them and enjoy. Very fancy to observe and see. It was a great experience to see all those cool stuff. More beautiful things still to come. This museum is widely known for its ancient plates and tressure. The tressure is in a big old box containing a lot of valuable stuff. Unfortunately for us that we don’t get a chance for looking at the inside of the box. So, overall a great moment and another exciting day in Athens.

Where I stayed / started

Divani Palace Acropolis

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