Acropolis of Athens for Exciting Visits

Start my Athens adventure with this beautiful Acropolis. This place is century old and one of the center attraction in Athens. This is amazing and huge. When I first encounter this place, I made my mind to visit this place at very beginig. As I wanted to start with the best ever places.

I leave the hotel very soon for reaching there very early. So that I can spend more time there. To be honest my hotel is just beside the Acropolis. From the window of my hotels I can have a clean view of this place. When I get up early at the morning. I walkthough to the belcony and saw the Acropolis. By looking at them, I was so tempted to saw them from very close. That’s why I become very excited and quickly hurried to the Acropolis.

This is a rocky outcrop near the city. One of the great monuments for observing. You can see a lot;s of rocks, stones and many more interesting things there. If you like to observe the legnds or like to learn about them little more than this place will be perfect.

I walk around it for hours and finally I find an empty space and have my lunch there. My hotel was really close, It might have took less then 1.5 hour from where I am right now. But wanted to feel the natural environments and also wanted to experience how it will feel for having my lunch in this open space.

To be honest it went great and I enjoy a lot there. After walking for hours and gathering a lot’s of interesting data and picture of this place. I was busy and spending my time with having lot’s of fun. As, I love those things.

Where I stayed / started

Divani Palace Acropolis

Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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