Adventure Travel Guide to Spiti Valley for Adventure Travel


Himalayas is the best place for skiing, adventure where people like to slide on snow regions through ice-skates. In India several people like to visit Himalayas ranges from the places like Lahaul and Spiti which is located at nearer Himalayas ranges of mountains. some people like to create their recreation activities by own like Snow-fighting, snowman-making and ropeways in which people like to hang on the rope and transfer one point to another point. This adventure creates excitement in mind of visitors and make them crazy towards him by which they like to forget everything and like to enjoy this travel.


Camping is the type of adventure in people like to accommodate in such types of places where they have the desire to stay there. There are most of the people who like to visit some sites for camping where they like to accommodate in small tents and hold some important tools and instruments for time of requirements. Lahaul and Spiti are the such types of places where people like to Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh to Lahaul Spiti packages for camping sites. In camping people like to do some recreational activities, surroundings their tents and like to create bonfire and try to be nostalgic, funny memories to create their night’s moments interesting and desire to watch the sceneries of the sky in different kinds of components of stars. In camping the accommodations is not permanent people can fold their tents and hold with them from one place to another.

Where I stayed / started

Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh

Lahaul Spiti

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