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Alor Setar is the capital of Kedah State in Malaysia. It is one of the most beautiful central gateways to the famous Langkawi Island. It is the second largest city in Malaysia and is about 400 kms away from Kuala Lumpur. The place is considered to be quite important as it is home to the CSAC which is the central state administration centre of Kota Setar District. A bus ride from Singapore to Alor Setar will cost you just SGD50. Most of the buses drop you off at the Alor Setar Bus Terminal. There are about 3 buses plying on this route and the total distance is about 795 kms. The buses are well maintained and are chauffered by some of the most skilled drivers that ensure a safe journey.

 Bus is one of the most cost effective way of travelling from Singapore to Alor Setar. Most of the locals as well as the tourists prefer to use bus services to ply between this route just because the services are reliable and far more convenient compared to other available means of transportations. Not only is the journey between Singapore and Alor Setar cheap, but it is also quite convenient. This is because the roads have been quitewell maintained by the Trasnport Corporation. The trip from Singapore to Alor Setar might take about 5 to 6 hours if you are travelling during the day depending on traffic conditions. If you are some one like me who prefers to travel in the dead of the night then you will reach your destination in 3 hours. One of the best parts of travelling by bus is that you will come across different sceneries during your journey and plush green landscapes. People visit Alor Setar vastly due to its Malay culture and the green plantation site that it possesses. I recommend you to visit the popular tourist attractions in Alor Setar like Kedah Paddy which is an educational site and Pekan Rabu Complex which is known for its local and traditional products. If you have some extra time make sure to visit the magnificient Zaheer Mosque which is based on Moorish architecture. I found my Bus journey to be luxurious at reasonable prices and I did not have to go to the booking office for booking my bus tickets. I just visited from my laptop and booked my tickets within a couple of minutes.
 The different Bus Operators plying on this route are Maju Express, Konsortium Express and several other local companies. These two operators are highly preferred because of their services and punctuality. They are known to depart sharp at the specified departure time. Not only are their buses equipped with all the modern facilities but also ensure customer satisfaction. The different pick up points in Singapore from where buses depart are Golden Mile Complex, Duta Bus Station and the popular Puduraya Bus Station. I boarded my bus from Golden Mile Complex as advised to me by a friend of mine. 

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