Amsterdam, Netherlands for a Bloody Good Halloween Party

One of my best Halloween experiences to date. The Amsterdam Halloween Festival runs for several days, ending on Halloween night. The event list is longer than I could even imagine, but my favourite part was a singular party, for which they change the theme every year. When I was there, it was the Monster Bash. The whole thing was a tribute to psychobilly and retro horror, but as I moved through the event space, I noticed the motif shifting seamlessly – B-rated horror in the lobby (think Creature of the Black Lagoon), a retro diner of terror with pompadour DJs, and a Frankenstein feel in the area with the VIP lounge, which housed a tattoo artist and a host of ghoulish pinball machines. And the COSTUMES. Half the attendees looked like they just stepped off a movie set. I did not. I justified myself with the idea that while they were spending hours on YouTube learning how to create synthetic scars, I was preparing a trip itinerary and FLYING TO AMSTERDAM. Still. Next time…I’ll be prepared.

I was lucky that I heard about the party early (like, 6 months early) and had procured tickets. It was a sold out event, and well worth my hangover the next day.

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