Amsterdam, Netherlands for Colorful Walk around Amsterdam

While surfing through the internet, I came across a very colorful picture of a street. Name of the street, or place wasn’t mentioned in picture caption. Nonetheless, I was pretty sure that I have to visit it. After a while I found something similar on topics related to street art in Amsterdam, and bang, there I was. Amsterdam street art is such captivating, elaborated and perfect depiction of amalgamation of thoughts in a super charismatic manner.
I had to search and search for the particular street name that’s picture was imprinted in my mind, but I was successful in my hunt, As most of the people aren’t aware of its name. It is wijdesteeg street that has a beautiful pattern of immensely colorful bricks and beautifully crafted patterns on the walls. It is such a treat for the eyes and soothing feeling for me, It was a fun visit for me.
Amsterdam streets are filled with beautiful street art, and are truly welcoming for all its visitors. GO art Lovers, Enjoy.

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