Amsterdam, Netherlands for Sightseeing in Most famous neighborhood of Amsterdam, Jordaan

On my stay in the beautiful city of Netherlands, I heard about the top most famous yet favourite neighborhood of Amsterdam, Jordaan. After my arrival at hotel Espresso city center, I planned a quick sightseeing visit to Jordaan. Travelling was so comfortable and reasonable, as It took approximately 12 minutes of driving on Marnixstraat to reach at Jordaan from hotel.
Jordaan seems really quiet and convenient to me, as tucked inside Amsterdam having classy and glamorous assortment of Art and history. The place truly depicts the amalgamation of modern Art and Natural beauty and what I really admired amidst of everything was the presence of street musicians who gave awesomely serene ambiance to the whole place. Modern day Jordaan has really renovated and developed a real taste for art and music.
Jordaan is basically an expansion of Amsterdam, which was built for the working class or for poor if honestly said. This district was filled with slums and small houses with poor living conditions for its inhabitants, as all of the area had open sewers where canals were used both as in way for transportation and as sewers too with no running water.
Modern day Jordaan is an oasis and has become most famous posh area of the country. For me strolling through the streets of Jordaan was really a nice experience, and I loved it.

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