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A taste of the local cuisine has always been a delightful part of any itinerary. When out on a holiday at the Andamans, one cannot skip by from the vast offering of the seafood, regional cuisine, and food that is traditionally cooked in the local houses. While the indulgent use of the local spices cast new flavors, the freshness of the prawns and fishes from this region brings together impeccable taste and flavors.

On your visit to the stunning archipelago which is revered for its rich beach life, stunning view of the Bay of Bengal and luxury indulgences, make way for the seafood appetite.

The luxury resorts, restaurants, and local cafes are flooded with dishes, new and old, to help you celebrate the burst of flavors that unfold with the delicate dishes here.

From spicy lobsters, prawn curries to a fish fry and delicatessen oysters – the world of taste unfolds at these truly best restaurants of Andaman.

Full Moon Café

Overlooking the extension of the Bay of Bengal from the stunning Beach No. 5 of the Havelock Island, the Full Moon Café is one of the most popular cafes in Andaman. Run by an Indian-Irish couple this cottage style café with its comforting ambiance and soothing environment serves some of the finest seafood and local cuisine.

Known widely for its Macher Jhol, fish Curry, chili curry and a list of seafood snacks the café also serves some of the finest brews of coffee and teas in its menu. The evenings at this café is a truly stunning experience.

New Lighthouse Restaurant

For a lip-smacking experience of the Andaman style fish and lobsters, a visit to the New Lighthouse Restaurant is important! Near to Marina Park, this truly stunning restaurant is designed with open-air seating arrangements, comforting homely ambiance, and iconic interiors to serve its guests the real indulgent taste during the Andaman Tour.

The menu invites the guests to savor the taste of grilled lobsters, fried fish, curries and prawn fries served with truly empowering chutneys and salads. It also has a long list of Asian food and soups that is truly worth savoring.

Barefoot Bar & Restaurant

If you are looking for a fine-dining restaurant that lives up to its luxury experience and succulent taste, the Barefoot Bar & Restaurant is truly iconic. At Havelock Island, Barefoot Resort is one of the truly iconic luxury resorts and the restaurant doesn’t fail to live up to its name.

Serving some of the finest lobster fries, prawn curry and fish fries with Indian bread, French desserts, and Turkish coffee – the restaurant brew a sense of romance with its stunning décor and ambiance. The music and environment of the restaurant let you enjoy the luxury nightlife of Andaman like never before!

The Bayview at Sinclairs Bayview

Excelling in serving the guests with a revering plate of fried fish, the Bayview by Sinclairs Bayview owns a truly iconic view of the Bay of Bengal. The luxury outdoor seating designed around a dim-lit set-up for brewing a romantic ambiance, the restaurant is widely known for its fine taste and experience.

While it’s a multi-cuisine restaurant the dishes on seafood and continentals are most cherished. One can find a truly endearing taste of the prawn curry, fish fries, noodles and more to spend the evening relishing in the taste of Andaman.

Amaya Lounge Bar

The most romantic restaurant in Andaman – Amaya Lounge Bar brings together a holistic experience of great seafood, spicy cocktails, and engaging desserts. The rooftop restaurant has a cozy and inviting ambiance that overlooks the north bay and serves the food in its style.

You can opt for romantic candlelight dinner set-ups or just soak into its live music aura while relishing on the finest of seafood platters, Kebabs, prawn stuff, and fish curries. Complete your meal with its signature desserts for ending the best dinner of your life!

Bonova Café and pub

Imagine yourself sitting with your partner under the thatched roof dining set-up lit up with dim lights and covered with sheer curtains on a full moon night while the world’s finest seafood is being served on the table.

Bonova Café and Pub at the Govind Nagar Beach lightens up your evening with its warm hospitality, luxury setup and an indulgent feel. The toothsome cuisines of the café are truly tasted bound, making this restaurant one of the best in Andaman.

You cannot walk past its stunning nightlife, the mixes of cocktails and the array of snacks and dinner meals that make up your evening.

Mandalay Restaurant

For a more homely and authentic taste of the seafood of Andaman, Mandalay Restaurant at the Fortune Resort Bay Island is the perfect venue. This restaurant overlooks a stunning view of the sea from its iconic style verandahs while seeping you into its comforting environment.

The restaurant is widely known for its seafood offerings that are served in regional style with a hint of spice. The blend of sesame with the regional spices casts a new taste to the relishing prawns, fishes, and octopuses. Taste the oysters and prawn curry with Indian bread here for a reverent experience.

Anju Coco

If you are a tune fish fan, a visit to the Anju coco restaurant is a must in Andaman. This is a very homely and personalized café with personalized service and meets with the owner of the restaurant.

The restaurant is known for its laid back experience and pocket-friendly seafood offerings that surpass the finest of taste on the island. The grilled tuna and fish fries are the best offerings from this restaurant that competes with the very best on the island.

Yearning for some relaxed time in the comforts of a homely café that brings great taste – Anju Coco on Havelock Beach No. 5 is the place to be!

The Andaman Islands being a tropical archipelago with stunning marine life offers its guests an endless list of seafood dishes that kindle the tastebuds with delight. Unforgettable taste, indulgent aura and worth-remembering dishes – the seafood of Andaman is a treat on its own!

Insider Tip

For a lip-smacking experience of the Andaman style fish and lobsters, a visit to the New Lighthouse Restaurant is important!

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