Angkor Thum, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia for Ancient Ruins of Preah Khan

In this age of super fast modern technology, high stream internet, and availability of every desirable high tech thing around the corner, Who would wish to visit some god forsaken ruins of some ancient archaeological wonder!! Well some insane people are still alive and have great taste. And without bragging, I’m one of them. For that reason, I requested some very dear friends of mine to make plan to see Preah Khan ruins and other historical places located in Cambodia. After completing our pending jobs, we headed to this great location in Cambodia.
Preah Khan is situated in Siem Reap province of Cambodia, at the northeast edge of Angkor Thom. This is basically a temple that was built in 12th century under the reign of King Jayavarman VII. I loved the ancient architecture, that is just incredible and so intricate. This temple is really massive and surrounded by walls with 4 gates. You can easily get confused with its maze of corridors and somewhat similar design. Basically it has 4 main corridors that meet in the middle. The walls are carved with the historical carvings that leads to Hinduism and Buddhism. I enjoyed every bit of time there. It really is a brilliant place with amazing architecture and some historical facts attached to every nick and corner.
I’d say, it would be best to visit this place in low season, so that you could enjoy pleasant, content and quite atmosphere.

Insider Tip

Try to get there early in the morning, around 8. As atmosphere will be great this time, with really less tourists.

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