Arambol, Goa, India for 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Course - Goa

In our era, yoga has become both widespread and at the same time losing a significant part of its soul, becoming increasingly one of the types of fitness.

Yoga Teacher Training
In my programs, I constantly remind that the purpose of yoga is the reunion of a person with the wisdom of the heart, with his true self. And exercise and relaxation are a side effect of practice.

This winter in India,
I will spend a month 200 hours teaching course yoga instructors

There are two places left with accommodation and four without accommodation. Everyone who wants to participate, without exception, writes to me worrying about the fact that they “are not ready to take the course.” And, of course, in conversation it turns out that it is the physical aspect that is meant. It seems to all that in order to become a titurer, one must stand on the ears in the lotus. And I think the main thing is to love. Love and ardor want to share this love. Through asanas, through breathing, through trust, through meditation, through knowledge, through the heart. Sincerely wish for development, sincerely wish to wake up, get rid of illusions.

I admire what a beautiful interesting group will be in this February with me in Goa. All inspired, alive, inspired and ready for deep work. We will sweat with asanas and learn yoga more deeply. Yoga is an infinitely beautiful ocean of knowledge and development, I am grateful for the opportunity to develop together with you, for the opportunity to share my experience and energy. So – the course-course 200 hours with me in Goa, February 2017.

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