Arambol, Goa, India for Yoga Teacher Training School in Goa - 2018 BEST List

A little while ago I came back from one of the best trips I’ve ever done: Goa.

As many of you have asked me, I do this post telling you a little bit more about the trip.


Always, from long before I started doing yoga, I had wanted to go to India but I never left the trip, for some things or others I ended up  procrastinating , mostly because I could not find someone to do it with, so I decided to do it alone.

The good season to travel to India is more or less in our winter. From March it starts to get very hot and in May, the rains and humidity do not let you breathe. It depends on the area, the environmental conditions change a bit, in the north it is colder.


India is the cradle of yoga, it is where everything is born and breathed in the environment, in the premises, in the tourists … they are all very spiritual and full of places to do yoga retreats and formations and, of course, full of very good teachers.


As some of you know,  I practice a kind of yoga called Ashtanga  and that is why I wanted to go to Goa to practice in  the ttc school of Sandeep.  To go to this ttc school you have to do it by registering 3 months in advance, (Yoga Teacher Training Goa) you have to practice this discipline for several years and have it certified by a teacher authorized by them … and even then it is almost impossible to go there because it fills up immediately. They opened the applications and it took me 15 minutes to do mine and there were no more places …  

You will practice Ashtanga style, that is, you do the series without being guided by the class (I will do another solo post of Ashtanga) and,  after having gone several years, if Sandip consider that you are prepared, they authorize you to teach Ashtanga .  There are many places where you can also train to be a teacher of Asthanga but it is not the same … it is clear. I think that all over the world there are only 400 licensed professors (they are all on the web but now it does not work), so imagine how they are, there is a  leveling . 

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training India

Next year I will again try to go to India later because I would love to be authorized there, although I still have a lot of practice for that, so with calm … each teacher usually goes 3 or 4 years to Goa until they authorize him, and from the first time you must have a good level. 

I went a few days before I started the course to taste a little bit of everything around … and I came to the first beach and the one I liked best: Aswhem beach. I stayed there for several days working and doing yoga.

Hatha yoga teacher training

Then I went to Purple Diya Yoga: the plan was to be  two weeks practicing yoga and doing workshops with Meera and his team of yoga teachers.

There we were a  large family  of about 25-30 people, almost all traveling alone, many teachers and other fans, of all levels, people who went to cows and others were also working in spare time.

I have loved the energy of people traveling alone, without expectations, so calm, enjoying every person, every conversation.  Every day you ate with one, you dined with others … there was no group at all, we all went for free and did whatever we wanted at every moment … Super ambience because we all went to the same thing. There was some free afternoon in which we went to the beach or to the bookstore, to visit some temple or the markets.

I have improved a lot in my practice, it  was the first time I have done the first complete series and I have added some posture of the second series.  Before I had been unable and now, and it is because of the confidence they gave me that I could stand doing the whole series, and … even though I am not a morning person, I was there every day practicing at dawn.

After spending two weeks in the Diya Yoga in Arambol, Goa,  I went to the south of Goa to learn everything I had time  and practice in several places and I learned many places to train as a teacher or go to practice.



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Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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