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Cyberattacks are happening all over the globe in some time frames which means that you need to keep your software, hardware and data safe and secure every time which is more crucial task than anything.  You might be thinking of a career in the cyber security, but that can be only possible for the people from the adjacent filed who have already the technical proficient required to make the software and applications more secured and safer.

Some of the people who do not have any knowledge about the technical part and are from non-technical background they also can pursue with their career in cybersecurity. Data breaches have drastically increased since past years and now there are about 68% of the business leaders who believe that their cybersecurity risks are increasing.  Still, there are many people who do not deal with the cyber threats and do not take care of their data breaches at all.

If you are entering into the role of cybersecurity or data security then, you must first ask the 3 major questions to yourself as below:

·       Are you the solution resource to your organization?

·       Did you pass the training in cybersecurity or not?

·       Have you got any experience with cybersecurity business analysis?

The cybersecurity training is one of the most important parts for those organizations who are experiencing or want to experience or specialize in the data security analysis with business analysis as well. But this is not where the learning should stop or end this should be the kind of start.

If you want to prepare your career in cybersecurity training field then it is better to join the project from IEEE society or IIBA who are actually providing the cybersecurity analysis learning and certification programs to most of the students. This is a kind of program that will impart the key cyber security concepts and the tools which you might need to demonstrate the core competencies to the employers. This way you can lead to your cybersecurity career in best possible way for your organizations.

Tips to gain cybersecurity experience practically

There are ways by which the practical cybersecurity experiences can be gained and enhanced for your business growth as:



·       Self-directed learning

In order to get cybersecurity jobs, you must teach yourself to code and build your own computer or security lab by using your old desktops. You can also use your old routers with firewall, network switch, etc or can practice the securing of computer and network and then try to hack it.


·       Guided Training

Just pair your cybersecurity certification exams with side projects which can utilize the same skills and offered to help your professor or employer with the security related tasks. Either take the free online cybersecurity MOOCs or invest in training courses.


·       Networking and Volunteering

Join LinkedIn groups or professional networks or the security organizations, you can also attend the local security group meeting and events as well or can connect with peers playing CTFs and War-games. You can also collaborate with the team on a cybesecurity project or can volunteer to do IT security wok for a nonprofit or charity.

Importance of Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity is highly important for everyone from the government sectors to the large companies to small organizations, business owners, and employees and even individual at home. This is because nearly a part of our lives are been tracked electronically which include our health care records, financial information’s, power consumption or what we wear when we get home or where we travel and when etc. Therefore, we the right data the machines can help to build the profiles in best way and can understand us better than we understand ourselves.


There are numerous paths by which the users can get to take their first cybersecurity course or position and they include obtaining cybersecurity certification or joining the military or entering or simply reaching out the recruiters and hiring managers. Therefore, continue to learn everything and then you can go about the cybersecurity industry for better outcomes.



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