Aruba for A Streetcar Ride & One Really Big Staircase

The beaches and spas in Aruba are obviously top notch, but my favorite activities in the area were a little different – and happened to be the first and last things that I did while I was there. When I arrived, I hopped on a streetcar at the cruise ship terminal and rolled in a smooth, relaxing loop around the downtown area. I finished the whole loop, and half around again, before I decided to hop off and do a little shopping and grab a snack. It was a really relaxing way to spend a solo afternoon.

At the end of the trip, I visited the Hooiberg – a giant hill with 500-some steps leading to the top. It was a beautiful, clear day. Once the stairs had finished reminding me how old I am, I realized that the view made me feel completely on top of the world. It’s not even the highest point in Aruba, but from the top, I could see for miles and miles, out to the bright blue water. I sat for a long while, stretching my limbs and thinking. It was definitely the perfect end cap to my trip.

Insider Tip

Go have the Mango Margarita Shrimps at Pinchos Grill & Bar. Most of the restaurant is out on a giant boardwalk. Beautiful!

Where I stayed / started

Wonders Boutique Hotel

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