Athens for Lovely Tour Around The Ancient City

I am at Royal Olympic Hotel. One of the best hotels in Greece. Excellent looking buildings and have a lot of cool features which will attract any visitors. I was pretty much impressed by their warm welcome and friendly reservation. The area of the hotel is also very huge. I was exhausted from my last journey, so I wanted to refresh myself from the stress. That’s why very first after keeping all my stuff in the room I swim for 30 minutes in the beautiful swimming pool they have. Soon after I fell starved and gone to the restaurants, the hotels have for their customer.

Finishing my lunch, I took some time and rest for 2 hours and then made my mind see what unique things Athens have. Hi guys, can you remember that? Athens was the home of Olympic games. What is one of the most spectacular events in sports history?

Anyway, Athens is so beautiful and magical. It has beauty everywhere. It was my first-time visit to Athens. So when I was exploring, I find out that this place is very ancient. Encounter a lot of ancients things on the way. There was an old mountain near my hotel. So I visit it first When I was climbing the mountain I encounter a lot’s of fascinating things what even increase my interests for exploring and see even more what Athens and Greece have for me.

On that moments I encounter a lovely see sight area. having an old town nearby. The town looks very ancient because all of the buildings and house i saw from the way up here. they look very ancient and of course very beautiful as well. It was an amazing scenery. So quickly I go into the little town and observe a lot of things. There was a nice flower shop where I spend almost an hour chatting with the shop owner. After walking for some hours I come back to the hotel. That’s how I spend my first day at Greece or Athens.

Where I stayed / started

Royal Olympic Hotel

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