Austin, Texas for Bat Watching

Growing up in Texas and visiting Austin quite often, the mexican free-tailed bat is pretty ingrained into the Austin mindset so it is easy to forget that they are a pretty stunning sight for people in the first place. But, they are one of the most easily accessible phenomena available around Austin. It is a weirdly awesome to observe them flying in great droves through the evening sky. Very picturesque. You can even grab a beer and stroll over to the Congress Avenue Bridge. Relax and catch these flight patterns in action!

I try to go on a walk to where I cross over Congress Avenue Bridge during the evening time at least once a month, usually when I do, I will grab happy hour down the street at Swift’s Attic. After I will stroll across and hang out on the Congress Bridge for a bit. It is estimated that there are 1.5 million bats, they also help eat 10k to 20k pounds of insects per year.

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Swift's Attic

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