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Austin, TX for BBQ

If someone has not let you in of the well known secret that Texas has the best BBQ, I apologize, I will let you know now…. Texas has the best BBQ. Especially Franklin’s BBQ in Austin, TX – I can’t even count how many times I have been there with a line around the block. This particular getaway weekend, I got a nice little micro-unit off of airBNB that was nice and cozy, right in south Austin. I woke up and knew exactly what I wanted out of my day, it was great BBQ and to soak up some of that Austin sunshine, so that is precisely what I did. We got to Franklin’s and like always there was a massive line outside of all local Austinites, I joined the line and began to wait with my mouth watering, luckily the line moves fast. I placed my order, it comes right up, I sit down and enjoy my BBQ experience (probably the best BBQ experience in the world) and then continued on to get some Austin sunshine.

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Modern South Austin Micro-Unit

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