Australia for Blue Mountains

I stayed at Warm Country, it was a great resort. The real please is knowing I was in the Blue Mountains. This is a magical place. I can imagine that it is great all times of year. It was described to me as “Glowing in Autumn, Cool in Winter, Colorful in Spring, and refreshing in summer”… Sounds like paradise right? Yeah, might as well be. Most of the trees around the Blue Mountains are Eucalyptus trees. This means that the environment is filled with finely dispersed droplets of oil, mixed with everything else in the air allows for a predominately blue color in the sky. In 2000 it was added to the World Heritage list. I can see why, I enjoyed myself. It was a great experience, the resort was relaxing, I was able to wake up early to head out on a nice hike or to explore the canyons in the area. Returning to the resort at night was the best because it was very nice and almost pampering. I got to adventure all day and then while at the resort live the life of luxury. It was a nice balance

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Warm Country Hospitality

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