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New Orleans, LA for Hurricane Katrina Museum at The Presbytère

I visited New Orleans with my family after returning from a cruise throughout the Caribbean islands and my dad had a good idea to go see the Hurricane Katrina Museum. I think it is important that every vacation should be a learning experience. While sitting on a luxurious cruise ship for a week is not…

New Orleans, LA for Bourbon Street

How can you go to New Orleans and not go to Bourbon Street? This street has so much going on it will make your head spin, and thats not the stiff drinks that your getting served. I was only in New Orleans for a night before porting out on a Caribbean cruise the next morning….

Oakland, CA for Chicken and Waffles at Brown Sugar Kitchen

I always have felt like Oakland has been the overlooked city in the Bay Area. Do not get me wrong, San Francisco is a beautiful City but when people come to the Bay Area for the first time they rarely stay in Oakland. I believe Oakland has some of the best food and culture in…

Austin,TX for The Search for the Best BBQ in the USA

When looking for the best BBQ in the USA, I think the general consensus is that Texas has the best in the game. If you find the best BBQ in Texas, you find the best in the country. Well, as much as I would love to travel all across Texas looking for the best BBQ,…

Portland, OR for Timbers game at Providence Park

Living in a small college town has its upsides and it’s downsides. As a huge professional sports fan, I felt like I was alway missing something when living in the small college town of Eugene, OR. I finally decided to get out of town for the week and make a weekend trip up to Portland….

Seattle, WA for SeaFair

My friends up in Seattle for the last couple of years have been talking my ear off about this awesome event in the city called Seafair. I looked it up on Google, and it looked pretty cool. The event takes place in the summer so I could actually take time off if I wanted. Next…

Seattle, WA for Baseball Game at Safeco Field

When I was going to school in Oregon, I always wanted to see a baseball game up at Safeco Field in Seattle. For my last spring break in college I took the train from Portland to Seattle and finally got to see a game in the Emerald City. The whole trip was planned easily and…

Los Angeles, CA for Venice Skatepark

Last time I visited my friends in Los Angeles, they brought me to Venice skatepark. Its almost a shame that I have been skateboarding my whole life and it took up until now, for me to finally give Venice park a visit. This place is awesome! The park is right on the boardwalk in between…

Los Angeles, CA for Getting Fitted on Fairfax Ave

Every time I visit my friends in LA, I have to check out Fairfax Ave. If your into skateboarding or streetwear clothing, this is the place to go. The street is covered with name brands such as Supreme, Kayo, Diamond Supply, Flight Club, and Hall of Fame. The shops stretches down the street for about…

Seattle, WA for Best Hangover Cure at the 5 Point Cafe

A friend and I checked out the 5 Point Cafe in Belltown for its infamous Chicken Fried Steak and Bloody Mary’s. What better way to knock a hangover then starting it off early with some drinks at breakfast? The vibe at this bar was pretty cool. The sign in the front says, “seat your self…