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Crescent City, CA for Redwood National Park

My family didn’t go on a lot of trips when I was a kid. We went camping once, and to Disneyland/Disney World a couple of times, but it wasn’t a big part of my childhood. One thing I will always remember, though, was our family roadtrip from Vancouver, WA to Yosemite, CA. My little sister…

Portland, OR for Drinking (+ 1 Sick Photobooth) at Church

I was out with some friends on a Friday, and a couple of them got really excited when someone suggested going to Church. Huh? I didn’t realize until we pulled up…it’s a bar. And it’s awesome. It really doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the inside is great. Wood paneling on the walls,…

Hubei, China for Stepping (Gingerly) Across a 262-Foot ‘Swinging Bridge’

Heights aren’t my favourite. So on a recent trip to central China, I decided to challenge myself and take a walk across 262 feet of wood, rope, and wire which hangs 400 feet above a large lake. The bridge was built years ago by local government and is suspended between two remote mountain villages, to…

Seattle, WA for Bumbershoot Music Festival

This is a great annual festival, and my favourite way to kick off the autumn season, since it always takes place over Labour Day weekend. The lineups are always stellar, the food fantastic (Seattle has a lot of food trucks that congregate here, PLUS the festival is in Seattle Center, where there are plenty of…