Peter Kaal
Vancouver, Canada


Windhoek, Khomas, Namibia for Daan Viljoen Game Reserve

You can’t sit back and relax on your visit to South Africa, the home to incredible amount of wildlife and thrilling hike trails with a different kind of natural view. So I decided to visit Daan Viljoen Game/ Nature reserve. It was an exceptional three hour experience with an incredible view of many species of…

Amsterdam, Netherlands for Colorful Walk around Amsterdam

While surfing through the internet, I came across a very colorful picture of a street. Name of the street, or place wasn’t mentioned in picture caption. Nonetheless, I was pretty sure that I have to visit it. After a while I found something similar on topics related to street art in Amsterdam, and bang, there…


Cayo Coco, Cuba for Fly Fishing

Just back from Cuba! This was our third visit there so we fell right into the pace. Some people go there to sit beside the pool but we go there to Fly Fish! Most people, unless you are in the know… don’t realize that Cuba is probably the best fly fishing destination in the Carribbean….

Skeena River for Fly Fishing for Steelhead

Epic Trip to the famous Skeena River in BC last fall! Well,.. famous for all you steelheaders out there anyway. It’s quite a haul to drive all the way up there from Vancouver, so we opted to fly into Terrace where the lodge owner, Martin, picked us up. From there it was about a 1…