Seattle, United States


Bozeman, MT for a Hip Retreat

Im a fine of Montana and Bozeman in general. The vibes in the mountain town are great and almost what you would expect in Montana. Bozeman is a university town which makes it really fun and a nice escape. The Lark has really made it easy for Bozeman to become a destination. Upon arriving I…

Snoqualmie for Yoga by The Falls

When I arrived to Salish Lodge & Spa, I was really looking for a nice getaway that would just allow me to relax. When I arrived I was told about a new program called Yoga by The Falls. Which if you havent seen Salish Lodge, it is built on a huge and amazing waterfall the…

Seattle, WA for the Seattle Dog

If you’re ever in Seattle you have to go check out the nightlife in Capitol Hill. The neighborhood is flooded with people partying into the night at the various clubs and bars within the area. One thing that I will always remember from my time in Capitol Hill was all the hot dog carts. There…


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