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Yarnell, AZ for the Shrine of St. Joseph of the Mountain

I was driving through the small town of Yarnell, AZ and heard about this shrine to St. Joseph of the Mountains. I decided that might be kind of cool to see. I really like seeing different kinds of sculptures and sights similar to this around the world. Also, it is in a very random place….

London for Watching a film outdoors

I was pretty lucky that I was in London during the right season, in the summertime you can barely move for outdoor screens. Theres a rooftop theater that they set up in Shoreditch, Stratford and Packham / Backyard Cinema in Camden and the Luna Cinema that projects classic movies wherever they can. Also, theres a…

Paris for Salvador Dali Museum (Espace Dali)

I was staying with a friend during my visit, I tried to find the museum and ended up getting lost. Luckily I ended up finding the Escape Dali location after hours of searching. It was not their fault, it was my lack of understanding of streets in Paris. But once I got there, I very…

New Orleans for the Hottest Hot Sauce in the Universe

Im a fan of spicy food but walking into the Pepper Palace is like walking into the spicy heaven of choices. Any style or kind that you want. I picked up three kinds: Flashbang which they describe as declaring a war on your taste buds, nasal napalm, and the Black Rose Hot Sauce. I tried…

Dallas for Bishops Art District Shopping

For a good day in Dallas, you have to check out the Bishops Arts District. It is in north Oak Cliff where it has been developed over the last decade to be a really great district for arts and entertainment. I love going around to shop through all of the thrift and antique stores for…

Austin for Avocado Margaritas

Theres a couple things that define the flavor palet in Texas. One of those things is the margarita. Everyone can find their flavor whether its strawberry or habanero. One flavor you might not have tried or heard of is the Avocado Margarita. You wont regret stopping by Curra’s Grill for one or two or maybe…

Berlin for the TV Tower

I think outside the Berlin Wall for the historical purposes, for me personal the TV tower in Berlin is one of the most interesting pieces of architecture in Berlin. I stayed at St. Christophers Inn as it was a direct shot to Alexanderplatz which is one of the most convenient areas in Berlin to be….

Budapest for City Park Baths

After walking through Hero Square we walked across the short bridge into city park. In city park you can find museums, cathedrals, and even people playing music on the street. It was a nice view to walk through and see everything that is possible. The architecture is something to be mentioned, it is so intricate…

Budapest for Heroes Square

Heroes Square was one of my personal highlights of sights that I visited while in Budapest, its all amazing, but the square’s design is really great. From what I was told while walking there from a guy that was staying at our hostel was that the statues are the Seven Chieftans of the Magyars and…

Prague for Beer and Pancakes

Brought to you by:   Ok, maybe I am late to the party but do you know how good Nutella is? Ok great you do. Well do you know how delicious a tiny, perfectly fluffy, spongey, and light pancake is with nutella, jam, and a side of delicious Czech beer?! Sophie’s Hostel has pancake night,…