Balangingi Island, Pio V. Corpus, Masbate, Philippines for Summer Getaway

I’m really the kind of person that would like to venture into places that are either undiscovered or not yet known by many international and local tourists. It’s because, you can really identify that the place is slightly touched or haven’t been touched by anyone at all. It’s awesome to know that you were able to go to a place that isn’t that damaged yet. And by that moment, you can really see the beauty of that place. The refreshment and relaxation it gives you – everything and the like.

Let me now take you to the place that I’ve been dreaming to travel for a few years already. And BOOM PAK I was able to go there already. This place is located in the Luzon area of the Philippines, specifically in Region V. It is in Pio V. Corpus, Masbate. This is an island that is still a part of that municipality in Masbate. The island’s name is Balangingi Island. This is a 15-minute boat ride away from Pio V. Corpus and is situated at the southeastern tip of Masbate Island.

Many were able to see the picturesque beauty of this island. As for me, this island is indeed magical. I left a lot of amazing and amusing memories there. I was really able to leave a lot of realizations in that island – the life I have right now, the career that I will be taking in soon, the life that the future awaits for me, everything and the like. I don’t know why but during the campfire that we had in the area, I was a bit emotional and nostalgic. The place is suited for all the dramas you have in your life. If you are there, then savor the place. Express everything that you want to express. Forget everything that you need to forget. Forgive everyone that deserves to be forgiven. All these dramas and a lot more.

Regardless of the drama that this place caused me (LOL), I should say that this place is incomparable. It has a beauty that is unique and exotic. There is something in this island that you cannot really experience and capture in other places. The positive vibes that the island gives you gives you a little bit of enlightenment in your life.

Though the place doesn’t really have an electricity, it is still worthy of the stay. As what I’ve written earlier, this place gives you a lot of dramas especially if you are in solitude or you are just being a melancholic. A time wherein you need not to connect to the internet to know the current happenings is a time for you to get to know yourself better. Isn’t it? Hmm, I’ll leave the answer as a choice you have to make.

There are still a lot of nice places in Masbate that is yet to be discovered. As of the moment, I still need to earn much for myself to travel. It’s hard to travel if you are not financially capable and prepared.

Masbate, wait for me. I will slowly uncover the veils that you are still wearing. I will proudly show you to the world since I am also a #OneProudMasbateño here.

Insider Tip

Balangingi Island is originally called Limbuhan which is from the word Limbu which means whirlwind.

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