Balatonfüred, Hungary for Lake, Hiking and Wine

We took a train then a bus to get to Lake Balaton, a favorite quick getaway destination for most Hungarians – especially in the summer months. The lake itself is pretty huge and there are several towns dotted around it. We opted to stay in Balatonfüred, as we thought it might be a bit quieter than the main hub for activities and partying, Siófok. The town itself is quite cute and even has an old part and really beautiful promenades, so it was quite pleasant to get around on foot. On the lake, there was a pretty diverse offer of water sport activities, so we rented a little paddling boat to explore the lake and it wasn’t to expensive to do so (around 10 euros, I believe). The town also has ferries that can take you to other spots in Balaton, in case you find Balatonfüred a little too low-key for you. The north shore of the lake and the hills behind it are really good for hiking and wine trails, so we decided to do that one day. There are plenty of wine cellars, whose owners were super-enthusiastic to offer us a taste of their local products. And one cannot simply visit any part of Hungary without going into one of the lush spas – lucky for us, Balatonfüred was packed with them!

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