Bar, Montenegro for The Amazing Belgrade-Bar Railway

One of the most breath-taking and exciting train journeys in the world, the railway from Belgrade from Bar might be a bit slow and ramshackle, but ultimately it will allow you to witness amazing scenery and experience authentic local feel.

Our journey started one beautiful summer morning in Belgrade, where we went to the main railway station in the center of the city. Our train was to depart at 10am and the journey to Bar would take about 10 hours (turns out it was more than that). We shared our compartment with a student from Montenegro and a small family from Slovakia who were going on a vacation – and we quickly started chatting about various topics. One of the most charming things about this journey was the cafe in the train – we went there at one point to get a cup of strong black Turkish coffee and gaze at the rolling hillsides of central Serbia. As the journey went on, we crossed the Montenegrin border and suddenly, the landscape started becoming much harsher and ominous, but stunning nevertheless. The pinnacle of our epic train journey was crossing the majestic canyon of the Moraca river and its spectacular green mountain tops and crystal-clear water. We finally arrived to the seaside and the beautiful port town of Bar, where our marvelous railway trip ended and seaside vacation began.

Insider Tip

There are two trains from Belgrade to Bar – make sure to book the day one to enjoy the views in their full glory.

Where I stayed / started

Belgrade Main Train Station

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