Barili, Central Visayas, Philippines for Fresh Cow and Goat Milk, Ice Cream etc.

There will always be that one point in your life wherein you would really look for a very fresh milk (instead of a cocktail, LOL) to just forget about things and keep on moving forward for the future. Though it’s not what really what happened to me when I went to look for some fresh milk, somehow the place where I was able to find what I needed helped me to realize and ponder on a lot of things.

The Molave Milk Station is located in Barili, Cebu. Before you could directly go there, you still have to pass by Carcar City which is approximately 40 kilometers south of Cebu City. Upon arriving at the roundabout in Carcar, turn right and then continue on for another 13 kilometers and tadaaaa! You are already at the Molave Milk Station! The Molave Milk Station is located right of the highway, if you are heading west to Barili.

To be honest, I really do hate milks. I would prefer drinking choco flavored drinks than drinking milk. But then my perspective changed once I was able to have a taste of a very fresh cow milk. I first ordered a fresh milk ice cream because the thought of ordering a fresh milk wasn’t really my intention that time. I was also preparing what I would be tasting in this ice cream since this is really a fresh cow milk. Upon tasting it, I was delighted since it was very delicious and very refreshing too. After finishing off the ice cream, I dared to drink a fresh milk. Well then, I wasn’t disappointed of what I did. In fact, I was very satisfied of my order. Well, it was the freshest among freshest milks in Cebu.

The view near the place was also nice too. From below, you could see a lot of cows eating grass which could also prove that the milk you are drinking do not really have any mixed chemicals on it. Isn’t it amazing? You should go and try it sometime!

Insider Tip

The highest waterfalls in all of Cebu is in Barili. This is the Mantayupan Falls of Barili.

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Molave Milk Station

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