Beijing, China for Historically Rich, Ancient Beautiful Palace

The Forbidden city or Imperial Palace, which is now called as Former Palace is the top ranked tourist destination of China after the great wall. Most interesting and unique thing, which attracts most of the tourists, is the Palace name and the reason behind it. No one was allowed to enter or leave this city without royal permission, and the commoners were actually forbidden to enter in this city. Only the Kings, the royal relatives, and special guests were allowed to put step in the palace. The Imperial Palace is recognized among the top five most important palaces of all palaces in the world. Pure Chinese aristocratic attire, and perfect Chinese architecture with serene beauty of nature make this palace a must visit.
The palace is so BIG, that one might need a whole day to look into every nook and corner of it. The palace has 980 buildings and 8704 rooms. Another interesting thing about this palace, is that it is located in actually the center of China. For the lovers of Chinese history, the Forbidden city is the must visit place. The Palace has beautiful gardens, city courtyards, a small river, beautiful walkway that actually takes you in the ancient Chinese era, Imperial garden, and traditionally rich walls, ceilings, and palace roofs. The Palace that was once ruled by 24 emperors Ming and Qing dynasty for 560 years, now beautifully portrays the Chinese history with all its luxurious beauty and hidden splendour. And attract the tourists from all around the world.

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