Bellevue, WA for Snowflake Lane

Snowflake Lane is what happens when it’s Christmastime and a city has a lot of money. A…lot.

Bellevue’s a pretty prestigious area. I’m not a big fan in general due to all of the noses that are firmly lodged in the air. That said, the big-name shopping is unparalleled in the greater Seattle/Eastside area, and so I still occasionally find myself zipping over the bridge from Seattle. I will hand it to the Bellevue-ites – they know how to do festive. Every year, I make at least one trip over just to experience Snowflake Lane: a nightly festival of holiday cheer, including a deluge of “snow,” plenty of playful lights, and a huge parade, all right down the main street that runs through the shopping center.

The first year that I visited, I had no idea what was happening, and I was real thankful that I hadn’t been trying to leave the mall when it started. The entire street was shut down, and the “snow” started to fall. Before I knew it, I could hear the music of a huge band and the clamour of hundreds of people outside. I made my way out and was totally in awe of the spectacle. It’s definitely one of the cheeriest events I’ve experienced in this area!

Insider Tip

The festivities start at 7:00 every night, so if you plan to leave beforehand, plan to get out around 6:15. The whole thing lasts about a half hour, but clean up and everything keeps the streets closed for awhile afterward.

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