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Bend, OR, United States for Devil's Lake

From Bend you can take Cascades Lake Highway out towards Mt. Bachelor. It is a lovely drive and very scenic. You will pass through a clearing that opens up into the lava fields, they make their own little butte across the street from Devil’s Lake (Check out the photo) I climbed up to snap some panoramic photos. Beautiful view and you can also see how amazing the water is. There were a couple anglers the day we were out there. But mostly we just used our inflatable kayak and hit the water. Paddling out on a nice day was perfect, there are some patches of shade that you can just stop and chill in. We decided to keep paddling out and around because it was so nice out. It was a great day, followed up by a nice picnic. Couldnt have asked for a better time out at Devil’s Lake. You can even get a camping site sometimes around the lake.

Insider Tip

Be careful if you cross the street for the lava fields, some areas are unstable.

Where I stayed / started

Mt Bachelor Village Apartment

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