Berlin, Germany for Mauerpark Flea Market

So you went to Berlin and already visited the historical must-sees – the Museum Island, East Side Gallery, Checkpoint Charlie and all those other important and insightful places. Now it’s time to unwind a bit and enjoy your Sunday morning and maybe even pick up some cheap gems along the way.

Mauerpark is located in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin, once known for being artsy and bohemian, but quickly becoming gentrified in the last ten or so years. As the name suggest, during the time when Germany was divided, the Wall used to stand in the middle of this park – including its infamous death strip. After the Wall fell, the western part of the area was turned into a flea market that takes place every Sunday. As you will be able to notice, it’s quite popular for both tourists and locals – probably because chances are high you’re gonna get some good finds. For those who like old vinyls, Mauerpark flea market will be a delight, as numerous stands offer all sorts of records – from obscure continental European disco (often with amazingly cheesy album covers) to the equally obscure Krautrock and new wave. As I was visiting Berlin in the depth of German winter, I was pleased to see many food stands selling coffee, tea, noodles, currywurst and everything else you could ask for at -10C. After my belly was full and my newly-purchased tote bag was filled with various vintage goodies, we went to a little cake shop just to the right from the main entrance to the park, where I had the most amazing Nutella waffles. Never change, Berlin.

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