Best 6 Road Trips from Bangalore, India for Bangalore

With the fact of super climate that Bangalore and the areas surrounding it enjoys throughout the year, there is no dearth of places you can take a road trip to. There are numerous tourist destinations in a close proximity, and here is our pick for ideal destinations for road trips from Bangalore, especially where you can take the bus ride to your favourite place. One of the most suitable ways of experiencing the real joy of an outdoor trip is always by taking the road!
Living in Bangalore and working for most of the hours of a day, we get tired and feel to break the monotony! Exploring the places surrounding this busy city comprises of hills, lakes, forts, waterfalls, wildlife and much more. Book online bus tickets from and swipe all your worries with your magical fingers (just a few clicks). Make quick online payments and get affordable bus tickets with your ideal bus seat. Simply make memories on the go!
Here is a list of some amazing destinations near Bengaluru where you can choose the road to travel:
1. Sakleshpur: Located at a distance of 260 kms away from Bangalore, this alluring place holds nature at its best. A beautiful blend of lush greens and coffee plantations, a road trip to Sakleshpur is an unforgettable experience and hence is an ideal weekend getaway from Bengaluru! Take a bus from Bangalore and amazing roads leading to Sakleshpur. As you enter Hassan road, the path gets folding with winding turns by offering picturesque views along with the sound of wind gushing through the valleys.
2. Wayanad: Situated at a distance of 270kms is a picturesque plateau poised on the foothills of the Western Ghats. Enjoy a smooth bus ride from Bengaluru to Wayanad surrounded by verdant mountains that will make your journey so much more exciting! A road trip from Bengaluru to Wayanad is greatly recommended as the terrain keeps on changing every half an hour that serves a great treat for your eyes.
3. Pondicherry: Situated at a distance of 315 kms from Bangalore is perfect place for those seeking to laze and relax on the beach. During your journey you will pass through the beautiful country sides with clean water bodies teeming with birds.
4. Coorg: Positioned at a distance of 250 kms from Bangalore, Coorg comprises of alluring coffee plantations, verdant hills and amazing views that will greet you. The route from Bengaluru to Coorg is packed with interesting sights. The pleasant weather throughout the year in Coorg, makes it a perfect for a romantic trip!
5. Agumbe: A bus journey that covers 380 kms from Bangalore is an amazing tropical hill station. One shall enjoy a journey with an abundance of coffee plantations and cardamom estates with the aroma of coffee wafting through the bus. The dense greenery of the hills offers scenic views throughout the journey.
6. Mysore: Distance of 150 kms is covered smoothly by buses from Bangalore. The place holds a lot of historical significance.

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