Best Cruise Port in Japan for A Wonderful Journey

Japan is a place of so many wonders. It is full of natural resources. Has so many Sea and Oceans that it helps me to pick up a cruise journey. Having a lot of watery condition Japan is the best place for my adventure what I was planning recently. At the beginning, I was a little bit worried about the destination what I will pick but my girlfriend suggests me and helps me to pick this Cruise what I will share you guys today.

So let’s begin,

Remember the movie Titanic?? I and my girlfriend have exactly those types of a romantic journey here. After the time goes this journey turns out to be very exciting and full of adventure.

Starting my journey I have to find out so many entertaining things. Can hear the sweet sounds of the ocean, feel the fresh wind and natural habituate. On the way, we encounter so many beautiful sea birds. Apart from this, there were several others animals as well. They also look very charming floating and flying in the sky. A lot new experience for me what fill our romantic journey with a lot of happiness.

Besides the big beautiful mountain Kagoshima port has been one of the most beautiful port in Japan for its tourists. It is very popular among the local tourists as well as international one like us. In a single word I just can’t describe how beautiful the port is!!! It is just like a unique picture of nature what is beset with tremendous attraction. The port lies on the coast of KinKo bay what is also a romantic destination. The cruise is between the Kagoshima city and Mt, Sakurajima. Really enjoy a lot on this trip.

Insider Tip

There is a food counter near the Cruise port where you can find many kinds of testy food item at a very cheap rate.

Where I stayed / started

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