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Boon Lay is a famous neighbourhood located in the town of Jurong West in the West region of Singapore. The place has been named after Boon Lay. The place is a major residential and industrial estate bordered by the Jurong Port Road. Nine sub zones in Boon Lay have been categorised based on the development of this area. Earlier this place used to be a swampy jungle until the 1960s and that is when large-scale industrialisation took place.




In recent years, the park has attracted thousands of reputed personalities and tourists. This has brought out a positive change in the economy as well as the wonderful people who live in this locality. This place is cut off from the entire city and has high chances of going unnoticed on somebody’s holiday tour of Singapore. It is only while I was booking my Bus tickets from redbus I came across this place as it was mentioned as a bus boarding point for my next trip to the beautiful city of Malaysia.




This place is not only full of attractions like the Jurong Bird Park but it also serves as a major industrial and transportation hub of the city. A lot of factories ar located here and plans have been made to redevelop the old factories funding for which will be provided by the Singaporean Government. These factories in turn become modern high-density factories to compete in the world market. Quite interestingly, the world’s largest chocolate company can be found here. Most of the visitors first vist the Jurong Bird Park which is spread across 200 hectares of land and is home to about 600 species and about 9000 birds which is considered to be the largest in the world. Jurong Bird Park also features the largest manmade waterfall.




There were about 4 popular operators plying between Boon Lay and Royal Bin Tang Hotel. Starmart Express had about five buses, which was the highest plying throughout the entire day. The first Bus left at around 6:45pm in the morning and the last one at 10:00 am in the morning. The duration of the journey is about 5 hours but this is subject to change depending upon the traffic that you will encounter. KKKL Tour and Travels had about 3 buses plying with the first one departing at 5:00 am in the morning and the last one at 7:00 am. The tickets cost about SGD36 for KKKL Tours and Travels and about SGD20 for Starmart Express. The One Travel and Tours, and Transstar were the only two Operators having luxury solitaire class of buses on this route. Tickets for these two Operators were understandably priced a little higher starting from SGD40. I booked my Bus tickets with KKKL Tours and Travels, as it was the only Operator plying as early as 5:00 am. I generally prefer travelling early in the mornings as there is no traffic on the roads and I can reach my destination quite early.


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