Biševo, Croatia for Blue Cave and Porat Beach

A small island just five kilometers southwest from Vis, Bisevo is a little slice of paradise. To go there, we had to book a taxi boat from Komiza, a fishing village where we stayed for the summer. Our tour of Bisevo included a visit to the Blue Cave and a stay at the beautiful Porat Beach.

We got to the Blue Cave fairly quickly, where we had to transfer to a smaller boat so we could actually enter it. The water inside the cave was incredibly luminous and vividly turquoise, it looked almost otherworldly. Once we got into our original boat, we were taken to the secluded Porat beach, where we spent the rest of the day. As the beach couldn’t be reached by anything else other than a boat, it was pretty free of crowds you might find in other parts of the Croatian coast. Best part of staying in Porat was the little fish restaurant located above the beach, where we got to eat locally made fish made using a secret Porat recipe (so we were told by the waiter)! Definitely a day well spent.

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