Bled, Radovljica, Slovenia for Serene Scenery

We weren’t originally planning to stick around in Bled, as it was only a stop-over on a road trip to Spain – but once we arrived there, we were so smitten with the view that we knew we had to dedicate a bit more time to this spectacular place.

The Bled Lake itself is not really that big, and you can take a stroll and make a circle around it in a couple of hours (or even do so on a bike… or a horse! They rent all those out.) The island with the Church of the Assumption that’s standing in the middle of it is what really makes the Bled scenery so fascinating. There are rowers who will take you on a ride to the island with a little guided tour included for only a small fee, so we decided to do that – and it was really worth it. We also climbed to the picturesque Bled Castle, where there’s a small museum and a local monk who can offer you a taste of Slovenian wine. In the end, we were sad because we didn’t get the chance to explore Bled a bit more (there were apparently some amazing caves and waterfalls nearby), but Granada was calling for us.

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