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Boise, ID, United States for Motorcycle Party

I live in Portland so the trip to Boise isn’t so bad. Overall, the GPS said it should take me around six and a half hours to get there. I didn’t take the fastest way there however. From Portland, I drove to Bend Oregon to pick up a friend. We stayed in Bend for the night, went to 10 Barrel brewery and got my two uKeg’s (from GrowlerWerks) filled with some delicious beers. In the morning we grabbed coffee and some food from Megaphone coffee in Bend (recommended) and then hit the road!

The Drive from Bend to Boise was essentially a straight highway with landscape stretched as far as the eye could see. We made the mistake of not re-fueling before leaving Bend thinking that there would be gas stations along the way… There were not. We pulled into the town of Riley, OR running on fumes and luckily they had gas at the convenience store there. **It is worth mentioning that the town of Riley is just that gas/convenience store combo and a post office. **

With the car refueled, we continued on our way. Making some pit stops along the way for photographs and just to explore the “middle of nowhere”. It was a sunny day which made exploring a little bit more enticing.

A few hundred miles later we found ourselves at a saloon in Vale, OR right before crossing into Idaho. We ordered a few beers and some nachos. If I’m being honest, the nachos were pretty gnarly so I won’t address the name of this establishment. BUT the beer was cold and the company was good so we enjoyed ourselves anyway.

We arrived at Rawhide Cycles in Nampa around 5:15. The party was just kicking off but picked up very fast. The night was jam-packed with loud music, homemade tacos, beers on tap, motorcycles, burn-outs, and hanging around a fire pit. If you’re into motorcycles, this custom bike shop is definitely worth a visit!! (

We ended up staying with friends for the night in Boise. In the morning we were greeted with sunshine and vinyl records spinning on the turntable. Once we gathered ourselves, We grabbed brunch at Big City Coffee. It’s bottomless coffee for $2.50 which is a pretty sweet deal. Their food is also fresh and delicious… I personally enjoyed my big breakfast wrap.

When we were finished with brunch, it was time to head back home. Off to Bend we drove.

Insider Tip

Bend, OR has more than a few places to fill your uKeg. 10 Barrel happens to be my personal favorite.

Where I stayed / started

Portland, OR

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