Boston, MA for Brew Classes at George Howell Coffee

Some might think taking a class to learn how to make coffee is a little pretentious – and maybe it is – but the class I took at George Howell was also pretty fun. It was an hour long, and we focused on using a French Press. They didn’t just explain the process (although the ‘correct’ way is a helluva lot more complicated than I thought)…they actually talked about the water-to-coffee ratio, how to know if your beans are ground correctly for that particular brew process, etc. These guys were really excited about what they were teaching, which always helps the learning process along. The beautiful shop didn’t hurt either.

I probably won’t be as finicky as our educators when I make French Press at home, but the result of our efforts in the class produced some really extraordinary coffee, so I’ll definitely do my best!

Photo: Boston Magazine

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George Howell Coffee

http://505 Washington Street

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