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Boston Massachusetts for My Boston Travel Diary 2019

Boston is one of the cities in America that is rich in culture, cuisine, education institutes, as well as scenic destinations. The city has so much to offer that every citizen living here will have a different answer to what’s so good about Boston. The people in Boston have the energy to match their city’s offerings. With the one-man-band reciting oldies on Newbury Street to grown-ups making use of duck boats, Boston is the area equivalent of your cool uncle who seems to have endless intriguing stories under his belt. The also has historical significance and sports aficionados. Moreover, Boston houses more than 50 colleges and universities, including Harvard and MIT. A city that has so much to offer deserves a visit.

Day – 1 Freedom trail 

So, I decided to take a tour of the city of Boston and absorb everything great about the city. The first day, feeling nostalgic and historical, I decided to give The Freedom Trail a visit. Before coming to the town, I had heard a lot about this historic destination with recommendations from most of my friends. As I left my hotel, I was perplexed as to how I would reach anywhere in this bustling city. At this point, it is essential to mention that I was with my family, which consists of two kids and a wife. I decided to call a Boston car service and they promised me they would arrive in 15 minutes, which they did. The vehicle seemed to be in good condition, and the driver turned out to be friendly enough for our kids to bond with him. They also provided children’s seats, which allowed us to be sure about our kids’ safety. The ride was comfortable and relaxing. Although we encountered light traffic in our way, we arrived at The Freedom Trail quiet on time.

The trail is three miles long and provides you an insight into 16 of the city’s principal historic monuments and sites. The red bricks in the sidewalk and footprints at street crossing make it easy to follow. There are a lot of things to take into account while following The Freedom Trail, some of which include staying hydrated, keeping track of all the sights, and making sure you are getting adequately aware of the history of the monuments you encounter. It was a long walk, and since I was with my family, I decided to go against the idea of walking and opted for a car ride from the same service that we had ordered. The driver was a Bangladeshi named Riyaz, who has been living in Boston for 25 years. He shared awesome stories about the customers he comes across. One of those stories was about an MIT student who was getting late for his papers, and Riyaz proudly told us that he made his best effort to avoid all the traffic, take shortcuts to have this girl arrive at the institute on time. She later gave him a 5-star rating and dropped feedback entailing the story and Riyaz’s attempt to help her take her paper on time. Apart from this, Riyaz shared a few more intriguing stories about his customer while we basked in the cultural glory that Freedom Trail offered.

Since The Freedom Trail has so much to offer, it consumed our whole day. Besides, one of my kids started having an upset stomach (most probably because he ate a cheeseburger for breakfast), so we had to go back to our room.

Day-2 New England Aquarium

The next day, we decided to go somewhere both adults and children can enjoy. After a long time of contemplation and rumination, we chose the New England Aquarium as our destination. We planned to begin our second-day tour by visiting the aquarium and then heading to a good pizza joint for lunch. We had not particularly planned to go anywhere after lunch, just let that depend on our mood and the level of tiredness we would be experiencing. Having a great experience with the taxi service the last time, we decided to order from them again and not surprisingly had a great experience just as we had the previous day. As soon as we stepped into the New England Aquarium, we were blown away by a large number of species available in the aquarium and the vastness of it all. It houses more than 20,000 fishes from more than 500 species. There is a human-made Caribbean coral reef that accommodates a wide variety of tropical fishes and sea life, including sharks, turtles, and moray eels. Moreover, the outside of the aquarium has harbor seals playing, performing, and living in their enclosed habitat. Watching all these sea creatures under one roof was enthralling and magical. Needless to say, our kids were delighted and had a tough time controlling themselves from touching all the fish.

As soon as we explored the sea life at the aquarium, we headed to a great eater nearby called Nebo Cucina Enoteca. The place is run by two sisters who are extremely courteous and amicable. They had a pretty large menu to choose from, which made us quite uneasy about choosing our food. Nevertheless, the chef sisters came to our rescue and recommended the oldest dish in their menu–the Zucchini Lasagna with fresh ricotta, mozzarella, pecorino, and marinara sauce. The dish was one of the best foods I have ever tasted, and I could say the same for my family. The restaurant had a great ambiance, infrastructure, and food. However, what keeps the customer coming, I suspect, is the unconditional amiability of the chef sisters. By the end of the last slice, we were too full and exhausted to go anywhere, so we called the taxi service and had them take us back to our hotel.

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