Brașov, Brașov County, Romania for Bran's Castle

In February me and some friends traveled to Bucharest and decided to jazz things up a little bit by going on a two-day visit to Brasov. After a couple of hours of train ride, we got to our hostel and we able to explore a bit more.

Once there, we could instantly feel the town’s slightly Germanic vibe (especially compared with more socialist-realist Bucharest) and more laid-back attitudes. Our hosts were incredibly welcoming and gave us some good tips for sightseeing. We first walked around the pedestrian town center and admired the local architecture, especially the immense Black Church that was built in Gothic style and was truly gorgeous to look at as we were sipping coffee in the main square. The interior was equally impressive and a bit ominous (I guess that’s the whole point of Gothic architecture?). We also hiked to the nearby Tampa hill (you can get the funicular, too), where we had lunch and took a couple of photos of Brasov’s Hollywood-like sigh. Next day we went to Bran’s Caste, which looked amazing in all its Transylvanian glory. Even though it’s also referred to as the Dracula’s Castle, it seems most of that story is actually a myth and there was only one room in our tour that had a (tenuous) connection to him. Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Where I stayed / started

Kismet Dao Hostel

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