Brig, Switzerland for Cozy Winter Days In

My wife and I are starting to catch on to how great traveling can be when you agree to housesit for residents of other countries. Lodging can be one of the most expensive parts of seeing the world, but with housesitting, there’s virtually no cost at all. You may have to take care of a pet or some plants, but we’ve not run into anything that’s made us regret choosing to arrange our lodging that way. One of our most recent trips was to Switzerland, where we housesat for a family who was going on vacation for three weeks.

Since we had access to a full kitchen, one of our favorite things to do during weekends was to get up early on Saturday morning and go for a run, have a shower and then go to the local market to pick up fresh vegetables and other mealtime necessities. We’d then head home, stoke up a fire, put a record on, prepare the food, and relax inside for the rest of the day. One of those weekends, we even got to see some snow! We skipped the run that day. Brr.

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Brig, Switzerland

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