Brooklyn Bridge for Amazing Walk

After having a lovely evening from the previous journey. I was tempted to see more. On my previous journey, I have already told you that I wanted to see each and every part of Newyork. It was my dream city, so I wanted to spend more time by visiting more interesting things what is available here.

Now I am at Conrad Lodge, New York. It is the fanciest hotel in Newyork. One of the most attractive place for your stay. When I first reached the hotel I was amazed by its structure but did n’t expect this when I entered the hotel. The whole hotel has been build as a unique one. There are few hotels in the world I have ever encounter this much beautiful. After enjoying some wonderful moments in the hotel on the evening, I set out for my next journey in the Brooklyn Bridge.

I heard that this place is so awesome for nature loving people who loves the view of the water. To be honest it is really nice to enjoy the view from the bridge which one is very high from the ground. When I reached there I find out many interesting things about this place. It has 6 differents lane. You can find some lanes what is only for travelers. The place is really huge. Where ever you look you can find amazing things everywhere. Mostly the sea dove will be always there for cheering you up. Also, if you look down you can see how beautiful it can be the water is!!

I have a great walking experience. I found a Pakistani girl on my sightseeing moments then I chat with the girls for hours and spend some lovely time there.

Insider Tip

You can take a bi-cycle for having even more exiting time.

Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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