Bucharest, Romania for Impressive Architecture

I was in Bucharest for a music festival that took place in the largest Parliament building in the world. It was actually so big that after the Ceausescu rule was brought to an end, they had to split the building into several parts to make it more functional, one of them dedicated to the museum of contemporary art. I also got to visit the old town that is surrounded with socialist-realist architecture. This is when I realized why Bucharest is called “Little Paris”. Other than the fact that design of transport at street sign was directly borrowed from the French one, this part of the city also has the same bohemian atmosphere as it Western European counterpart. Seeing as I used Couchsurfing for my stay, I had the fortune of having a host who was a documentary filmmaker, so I got to find out a lot about the Securitate (Romanian Secret Service) and the life in the country in general during the Communist rule. All in all, it was a very exciting and informative jrrny.

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