Budapest, Hungary for Roaming Around Pest's Boisterous Ruin Bars

The Pest par of the Hungarian capital is becoming increasingly popular due to its vibrant nightlife that is mostly concentrated in the so-called ruin bars. As the old part of the town was mostly ruined during World War 2, people find a way to give new life to dilapidated buildings by opening cool and colorful bars and nightclubs in them. When I was staying in Budapest last summer, the entire district seemed to be packed with people, both locals and tourists, on the lookout for a cool hangout spot in the ruin bars. Probably the most famous of all (and the one I visited the most) is Szimpla Kert, which stretches for quite a while once you enter its once-abandoned, now lively courtyard. Between the giant movie projections, funky music, mismatched furniture and various knick-knacks filling out the entire place, Szimpla is the ideal place for summer night drinks with friends or even if you want to meet strangers. The atmosphere in ruin bar is super-relaxed, so it doesn’t feel like “dedicated” clubbing, but it’s amazingly fun nonetheless. Can’t wait to be back in Budapest!

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