Buenos Aires, Argentina for Brunch at Oui Oui

I visited Oui Oui a couple of times during my tour de South America. Overall, Buenos Aires was somewhere I could have stayed for a really long time. It felt very European, but more…dramatic? Something about that Latin blood. Any culture that will warmly accept random acts of Salsa dancing on the sidewalks is totally ok in my book. Anyway…brunch.

Think of the trendiest brunch spot in your city, then double the popularity and halve the space (probably why they had to erect a whole new location, basically next door to the original). Oui Oui, in all its adorable pink glory, is as hipster as BA gets, from what I saw. Lots of college students, intellectuals, business people, and chic couples, noshing on media lunas (croissants) and sipping cappuccinos.

The service was a little slow, but friendly – even when I had a terribly hard time selecting my breakfast. I decided I’d need to try the eggs benny, which was so outrageously good that I tried to come back the next day for a simpler breakfast. One of their greatly storied pastries, perhaps? However, it was Saturday, and I arrived two hours after opening. I was able to get my pastry, but had to take it to go. It was completely packed. Needless to say – best media luna I’ve ever had, and with caramel sauce on the side! Also ordered one of their fresh ginger mint lemonades. Yum.

Photo: Oui Oui

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Baked goods are half price every night, an hour before close. Closing time is 8 pm, and it’s a helluva lot less busy then!

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