Buenos Aires, Argentina for Caminito

This little area of Buenos Aires is definitely popular with the tourists, but not even having to share the experience with dozens of other people could ruin what a great time I had.

A friend and I stayed in Buenos Aires for only nine days, and although it was a bit of an expensive trip, we felt like we needed to see this place while we could! We arrived in the late afternoon – still early enough to see all the beautiful colors and to find a good place to sit at a local cafe and chat for awhile. There’s such a great pulse in Buenos Aires in general, but this place was something else. I thought it was beautiful how the structures and all looked sort of crooked and crudely built, but then they were splashed with such brilliant colors! We got to see tango in the streets, and a lot of the tourists trickled out before the mid-evening. We did end up getting the feeling that this wouldn’t be a place you’d want to hang around for a long time after dark, but we still had time to have plenty of fun.

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