Bus travel from Labrador Nature Reserve to Tekka Centre in Singapore for exploring

Bus travel from Labrador Nature Reserve to Tekka Centre in Singapore

Labrador Nature Reserve

If you are a nature lover, Labrador Nature Reserve is where you should be. There are many things that you can do here. The wild life here live in their natural habitat. Apparently, this place has also been an important menu of the World War II to Fort. This Nature Reserve houses more than 80 different kind of birds, 15 different species of butterflies and also numerous kinds of trees. This large variety and diversity of forests has played a significant role in the military history of Singapore. Upon entering the nature reserve the first thing that you will see is the World War II Fort and also the secret tunnels that lie below the fort.

These secret tunnels were constructed by the Britishers for various gun activities happening on the battle ground. Since the tunnels have undergone several restorations making it suitable for visitors. For people who are health conscious there is also a separate jogging track and several fitness stations within the park. The jogging track goes around in a circular fashion giving a scenic view of the entire Nature Reserve. It is a park that is well connected within itself. The signature features of this park are the Alexandra Garden Trail, Bukit Chermil Board Walk. 

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Public Bus Nos. 10, 30, 51, 143 and 176 are the buses that take you to Labrador Nature Reserve in Singapore.

Tekka Centre

Tekka Centre is one of the biggest landmarks in Little India. It is one of the best food outlet that serves fresh food to all its patrons. The outlet seems more than 200 visitors in a single day. The Centre is painted in bright orange and yellow colours and was renovated a year ago. It is famous amongst the locals who come here on a regular basis because of its honest prices. It serves all kinds of Indian cuisines and even halal dishes. It is a building that cannot be missed – thanks to its colours and the moment you enter Little India you shall see a large building to your left. I cannot guarantee you about the orange and yellow colours though as it is repainted time and again. Previously it was coloured in bright emerald green. Inside the building you would get a feel of any regular hawker centre. Here you can get hold of as many dishes as you want to taste. If you are keen on shopping you can simply go upstairs. The upper floors have everything from Bollywood music Cds, Silk sarees and Indian handmade items. The prices here are surprisingly lower compared to the ones of the street hawkers. There is plenty of food even here and you should definitely try out a dish of Duck and Rice.

Public Bus Nos. 48, 56, 57, 66, 170 and 131 are some of the Buses that will take you to Tekka Centre.

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